CNC precision parts and gripping technology

We not only design and produce CNC precision parts, devices and gripping technology, but also offer our 20 years of experience and expertise in solving technological challenges.

Are you curious? We will gladly realise your challenges – take a look at our products and services an.

Dabei unterscheiden wir uns von anderen Lieferanten vor allem durch unsere Herangehensweise:


We do not fear any mechanical task. Whether challenging materials, unusual geometries or special machining processes – the following applies first of all for our management, which particularly likes to become familiar with new technologies, up to our employees who gladly exploit the potential of their machines:

Difficulties are there to be overcome

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)


We know the necessary requirements and have over 20 years of experience in solving various mechanical problems and in the production of CNC precision parts.

Many of our customers come from the semiconductor and vacuum technology sector as well as from the scientific equipment and special purpose machinery manufacturing sector. We rapidly identify the necessary machining steps of these sectors and know how to implement them according to the appropriate technology.

Highly qualified

We work professionally. The high requirements of the various sectors lead to very complex CNC precision parts. The wide variety of customers as well as materials provide us with tasks which change almost on a daily basis. Our highly qualified employees work with the most modern machines to meet these demands.

FFZ Feinmechanisches Fertigungszentrum Glashütte GmbH