Gripping technology accessories

For our microgrippers BPT/3 and WPT/6, we also offer:

LP/1 power source - variable power supply

The LP/1 power source ensures a constant current of 380 mA and thus prevents the gripper from overheating. With its small dimensions of 40 x 25 x 15 mm (H x W x L), it can be easily integrated into an existing system and can be connected to the gripper in just a few seconds. We can supply the appropriate power supply (+ 4.5 V DC) if needed.

FQ/1 foot switch

The foot switch enables manual activation of the gripper and also ensures a constant current of 380 mA.

Execution 1 press = open
Input 220 VAC, 120 VAC
Output 380 mA
Connection clamps

Quick-change system

The quick-change system enables the rapid exchange of two grippers.