WPT/6: Microgripper for the assembly

Very flexible to use

The microgripper WPT/6 is a universal tool which is used for assembling and handling very small parts. Typical applications are, for example, in

  • Microtechnology: precise gripping and positioning of the smallest mechanical parts
  • Medical technology: holding pipettes for minimally invasive surgery
  • Microelectronics: installation of fibre optic cables
  • Semiconductor industry: testing bond connections (for example, wire pull)

Space-saving, easy and effective

We rely on shape memory actuators for optimum implementation of the gripping mechanism. This enables the development and manufacture of a microgripper which has decisive advantages:

  • High miniaturisation. The dimensions 41 x 9 x 6 mm of the WPT/6 combined with the absence of other media such as compressed air or a vacuum enables the tool to be used within the smallest space.
  • Lightweight. With a weight of only 3 g, the WPT/6 can be installed very easily in almost any device.
  • Long service life.The small number of moving parts reduces both the risk of damage as well as the amount of wear and tear parts.

Very precise gripping of your special part

The microgripper WPT/6 is equipped with a mobile and a rigid gripper arm. Combined with smooth motion, this enables very precise positioning. To continue to ensure perfect gripping of your special part, we also offer our experience in developing special tips in addition to standard tips. These are designed and manufactured directly according to your requirements.

Ready for use in seconds

The gripper is operational in just three simple steps:

  1. With our power source LP/1 , for example, achieve a constant electric current of I = 380 mA.
  2. Install the gripper above the shaft in your system.
  3. Connect it.

Depending on demand, we can also offer you foot switches and power supply as well as a quick-change system for the rapid exchange of multiple grippers.

Mikrogreifer für Montage FFZ Glashütte
Mikrogreifer für Montage FFZ Glashütte
Mikrogreifer für Montage FFZ Glashütte
Mikrogreifer für Montage FFZ Glashütte

Technical details at a glance

Advantages at a glance

  • Smooth and accurate operationg
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy Handling
  • High grip strength
Approx. weight ca. 3 g
Dimensions 41 x 9 x 6 mm
Gripping principle One mobile, one rigid gripper arm
Gripper tips Different geometries depending on customer requirements, interchangeable
Gripping force 0,2 N - 0,8 N, adjustable
Seizable objects Up to 10 µm
Gripping opening 0 - 1 mm
Approx. gripping time 0.5 sec. to open, 1 sec. to close
Power supply Constant power source, I =380 mA


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