Design and development

We look forward to technological challenges

In the area of design and development, our projects range from the design of various individual parts, assemblies or devices to the development of complex systems and equipment. At the same time, we offer you:

  • Our many years of experience in implementing mechanical systems – we have a wealth of experience due to our annual production of approximately 4000 different parts and assemblies.
  • Our knowledge of the requirements in a variety of sectors – we have already worked on numerous projects in scientific instrument manufacturing, in vacuum technology and also in many other sectors.
  • Close collaboration – we develop according to your specifications or in conjunction with you.
  • And everything from a single source – we subsequently undertake production and assembly in most cases.

Our references

In conjunction with our business partners, for example, we have developed, designed and produced the following systems:

  • Vacuum sublimation systems
  • Microgrippers with special tips
  • 3-axis sample manipulation systems
Konstruktion und Entwicklung FFZ Glashütte
Konstruktion und Entwicklung FFZ Glashütte