Our small giants

Advantages at a glance

  • Smooth and accurate operationg/li>
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy Handling
  • High grip strength

Powerful tools requiring minimum space - we develop and manufacture highly engineered microgrippers and other micro tools for high-tech applications across various industries.

Do you need to select and position micro mechanical parts, to assemble optical fibres or to hold a pipette for micro invasive surgery?

We have the most suitable product for you - our microgripper WPT/6 has the ability to handle sensitive parts up to 10 µm effortlessly. The smooth and accurate operations as well as the easy handling and the compact design allow a very precise positioning.

Do you need highly engineered precision tools designed for Bond Tests?

We are proud to offer you the widest variety of micro tools for Tweezer Tests on semiconductor connections. Ranging from tests at very low forces F < 1cN (F < 1 g Force) up to extremely high forces F > 500 N (F > 50 kg Force) we provide tools for wire pull, ball pull, ribbon pull, stud pull, peel tests and much more.

Are you facing a business challenge and need a solution?

We are specialised in customised tools and have gained long term experience in adapting our standards to your special requirements. Regardless of which diameter or geometry - a wide range of application related tweezer tips allow our microgrippers to handle any device.

Please have a look at our small giants, you may find your problem already be solved - if not, please contact us to see how we can develop solutions to cater for your business requirements!

Gigantic details – our products

WPT/6 Mikrogreifer für Montage

Microgripper for the assembly

3 g, 41 x 9 x 6 mm, SMA-Actuator, Ability to handle sensitive parts - up to 10 μm

bpt-3 Mikrogreifer für Bondtests

Microgripper for bond tests

18 g, 56 x 27 x 15 mm, SMA-Actuator, High grip strength - up to 100 N

KGH/3 Mikrogreifer für Zugtests

Microgripper for tensile tests

20 g, 59 x 33 x 14 mm, Toggle mechanism, High grip strength - up to 500 N